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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Langham

The Langham

In the event that it feels as if The Langham has been there everlastingly, that is on account of, in hotel terms, it practically has. In any case, a century and a half on, it's looking fabulous, as complex and rich as it did when Napoleon III spent the night. Nowadays the Victoriana and chinoiserie are counterbalanced by smooth, once in a while particular contemporary components - strikingly in the honor winning Artesian bar, with its timber crystal fixtures, impersonation snakeskin ground surface and pitch topped tables. It is hard to name a better hotel eatery than Roux at the Landau, where father-and-child dream group Albert and Michel Roux Jr have been throwing their culinary spells for as far back as five years.

Address: The Langham, 1C Regent Street, London W1
Telephone: +44 20 7636 1000

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