Exactly when you thought the vita in this some portion of town couldn't get any more dolce, along came this pearl from the colossal Roman gems house. It's all hard-edged and stealthily ruining, yet diminished and charged with mindful outline touches, for example, bedside lights enlivened by Bulgari's great silver candles. A fabulous staircase spirals down from a wonderful ground-floor bar to a far and away superior cellar eatery (Rivea, by Alain Ducasse - who may actually be a Frenchman however is in his cooking a privileged Italian). To be sure, the sharp utilization of underground space is one of The Bulgari's recognizing highlights - there's a genuine screening room, the swimming pool is decidedly brilliant with brilliant mosaic tiles, and the spa is among the greatest and best in the city. 

Address: Bulgari Hotel and Residences, 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7
Telephone: +44 20 7151 1010

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