45 Park Lane

45 Park Lane

The delicious female bends on the outside of 45 Stop Path used to be resounded by tasty ladylike bends within as well, back when the building was home to the first Playboy Club, jumping with Bunny Young ladies. Nowadays it's a Workmanship Deco-styled, contemporary-craftsmanship filled 45-room hotel (and part of the Dorchester Accumulation - the mother ship is right over the way). The vibe is manly, with bunches of dull wood, softened cowhide and calfskin. Top notch little rabbit dishes are no more drawn out on the menu - Wolfgang Puck's prevalent steakhouse, Cut, is said to have the broadest determination of meat in.

Address: 45 Park Lane, London W1
Telephone: +44 20 7493 4545

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